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Cheeke, Russell Tipping families: Archer of Tanworth


Jonathan Langley to [Lord Orford]. Inventory and appraisement of the estate of the late Col. Francis Russell as shown by the administrator the Hon. Jonathan Langley to the appraisors Charles Buckworth, Benjamin Matson, Christopher Gardner, Thomas Stewart, William Kirkham, under the warrant of Francis Bond esq. president of the council of Barbados. Negroes, stock and household goods are listed and valued at a total of £2475:2:8 1/2 , sworn before Richard Salter, Job [?Tob', Tobias] Frere. 'Inventory of Sundry things, as Money Gold houshold Plate c. being the Remaind'r parte of the Estate of his late Excellency Col. Francis Russell deceased, Not Appraised `An acco't of his Late Ex'cy Interest in Merchantdizeing in this Island '; a list of the ships in which he had an interest. Letter from Langley to Lord Orford, being in the nature of a covering letter to the preceding. He asks to know his lordship's wishes as to the disposal of the Negroes, some family pictures, the plate and furniture and the shipping shares, and offers some advice on this matter.