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Louisa Higgins


Probate of the will (dated 30 May 1854) and codicil (4 October 1869) of Miss Louisa Higgins (d. 5 June) of Alveston House, Milverton, formerly of Leamington Priors - To sister-in-law Emma Higgins, widow of John; household and personal effects. - To god-daughter Caroline Eliza Jackson, daughter of Rev. Humphrey, Rector of Holt, Norfolk: £100. - To friend Constantia Coleman, daughter of John, late of Walworth, Surrey: £50. - To trustees: Holdsworth Hunt, Inner Temple Henry Oliver Hunt, Stratford-upon-Avon, gent. - Income on £3000 to sister Mary Anne, wife of Joseph Jackson, for life, then 2/3 principal to nephew Foster Jackson - One third principal to niece Hannah Eliza Whitlow (nee Jackson) wife of Thomas, esq. - Four fifths share in Farnborough estate: profits to Emma Higgins for life, then to John Higgins, youngest son of Emma and John Higgins. - £1450 mortgage debt on estate at Barcheston devised under will of brother Edward Townsend Higgins:- interest to nephew Thomas Higgins for life, then for benefit of niece Marianne Higgins. Codicil Estate at Milverton to brother-in-law Joseph Jackson (widower of Mary Ann) for life then to trustees to sell: 1/2 proceeds to Foster Jackson 1/2 in trust for Hannah Eliza Whitlow for life, then to her issue.