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Probate Copy of Will: John Higgins of Shipston-on-Stour


Probate copy of Will of John Higgins of Shipston-upon-Stour, co. Worcester, gent. Real Property: to his niece Esther Taylor, wife of John Neate Taylor of Shipston-upon-Stour, dissenting minister, a copyhold messuage in Shipston-upon-Stour formerly in the occupation of his sister Lucy Parry, deceased, and also certain rooms over a wash house belonging to the said messuage in the occupation of Mary Hands widow. This property to be charged with a legacy of £20 to her sister Ann Arnold. To his sister Ann Thompson a copyhold messuage in Shipston-upon-Stour in the occupation of Samuel Spicer and after her death to her son William John Thompson. To Sarah White, wife of his nephew John Higgins White, of Shipston-upon-Stour, currier, a messuage in Shipston-upon-Stour in the occupation of John Higgins White, and after her death to their children. Personal property: to John Higgins White, his watch and apparel. To Samuel Neate Taylor, his concordance; five volumes on the Old and New Testament by Mathew Henry together with circular letters and contents. To his sisters, the remainder of his books, all wine, beer and spirits, and all furniture, plate, linen and china together with £15 to be divided equally between them. Annuities: To his sister Mary Rawlings, £10. To his sister Bett White, £10. Bequests: To his nephews, Thomas Parry of Shipston-upon-Stour £50: John Higgins of Woodstock co. Oxford £50 Thomas White and Richard White £140 each. To his neices, Ann Arnold, £50; Sarah Farmer of Atherstone, £50; Elizabeth Rice £50. To esther Goff Mary Jew and Elizabeth White, the daughters of his sister Bett White £50 each. To Samuel Sabin Edkins and his sister Lucy £10 each. To Mary Ann Henwood and Sophia Henwood, spinsters, and great neices of his late wife £19 19s. each. Remainder of estate to Samuel Neate Taylor and his nephews Samuel White and William John Thompson who were appointed executors. Witnesses: John Henry Clark, John Badger and Richard Brain, the younger. Will proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Estate sworn under £1,500. Testator died 11 December 1834. Probate dated 21 February 1835. [Gunn Lane etc.]