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Old Stratford, Shottery, Welcombe, Wilmcote, etc.


Papers relating to the enclosure of the common fields of Shottery consisting of surveys, lists of proprietors, claims, notices, rough minutes, notes and extracts, bills etc., 1711-1790, but chiefly 1786. The more important are. a) Extracts from the Court Roll of Shottery Manor, 16 April 1711, containing transcripts of the penalties and orders, etc. Two copies. b) `A particular of the Manors of Shottery and Bagginton and lands and mills in Stratford upon Avon', belonging to Anne, Viscountess Carrington [widow of Francis Smith, 2nd Viscount, died 1700]. c. 1720 Among the tenants are Hugh Clopton, William Clopton and Richard Hathaway. c) Letter from [John?] J. Meacham to [Charles H.] Hunt, on the project for enclosure with list of proprietors etc., Stratford, 2 February 1769. d) `A general survey of the estates in and near Shottery late Lady Carrington's, with the particular allotments thereof for sale', circa 1770. e) `A survey and terrier of three yard land and half in Shottery common fields and common meadows etc., the property of Mrs. John Hathaway of Luddington, in the county of Warwick. Taken by R. Overton, May 1774, by the information of Tho. Mace.' f)`List of the proprietors of lands in Shottery Field, with proposals for inclosing', Stratford 21 July 1785. g) `Draft of Petition [to the House of Commons] for the inclosure of Shottery', 1786. h) `State of property in Shottery Field intended to be inclosed', 1786. With `proprietors claim of lands.' i) `Draft of list of properties as delivered in to the Commissioners on the 30th day of May 1786' j) Claims of Mrs. Hannah Cottrell, Joshua Smith Simmons Smith, esq., and the Trustees of Francis Brownsworod Bullock, esq., 30 May 1786. k) Bill of Charles Henry Hunt, solicitor, for expenses concerning the enclosure; 1787. With other accounts.

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