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John Phillips and Mary Phillips


Bundle of draft Chancery papers and petitions and survey of estates, relating to application, 1867, by the trustees, life tenant (Mary Elizabeth Galton née Phillips), and `first remainder' life tenant (Catherine Emma Phillips) and second remainder life tenant (Elizabeth Fanny Lewis) under the will of John Phillips of Edstone, deceased, to sell settled estates in Salop and Worcestershire for which there was no power granted in the said will. With extract of the will of John Phillips of Edstone, deceased, dated 25 November 1834, by which he left his house and manor of Edstone, his lands in Warwicks., Salop. and Worcs. (subject to certain changes which had ceased by 1859) to trustees, Joseph Martin, Lincolns Inn, William Oakes Hunt, Stratford-upon-Avon, gent., Charles Collins Crump, Halford, clerk and Mary Phillips, testator's wife. In trust to use of wife for life with successive remainders to any sons, then to daughter Mary Elizabeth for life, with successive remainders to any sons and daughters, then to daughter Catherine Emma for life with similar remainders; then to testator's nephew Henry John Lewis for life with successive remainders to sons and daughters. Ultimate remainder to relative Thomas Taylor Griffiths of Wrexham, surgeon, for ever. Testator died 30 January 1836 leaving wife and two daughters, widow died April 1858; Mary Elizabeth married 1840 Darwin Galton, no surviving issue; Catherine Emma, unmarried in 1859; H.J. Lewis died 1835 leaving 3 daughters of which eldest, Elizabeth Fanny, will be life tenant if Catherine Emma dies without issue.