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Pinley in Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Henry de Albiniaco and Christiana his wife to Geoffrey de Langeleye and his heirs, for homage and service, of the mill in the parish of Covent' called Alreneford' with a croft, meadow, mill-pool, water and moor, to hold as freely as the ancestors of Christiana held them; which lands extend in length from the mill of Stifford towards the south to the ford called Alreneford', and in width from the great road of Coventr' to the land and wood of the said Geoffrey which pertains to his manor of Pynnel', together with the liberty of taking timber from the woods of Coventr' to repair the said mill, granted to their ancestors by Hugh, earl of Chester; to hold to the said Geoffrey in free socage of the said Henry and Christiana and the heirs of Christiana rendering annually for the same and for the ham (hammia) which the said Geoffrey received by the gift of Nicholas son of Nicholas, father of the said Christiana, a pair of white gloves at Easter or 1 penny; for which gift the said Geoffrey gives 30 marks. Witnesses: Sir Robert de Devill', Sir Thomas le Hyrreis, Hugh de Loges, Walter de Coventr', Viello de Folkeshull', Robert de Stokes, Hugh his son, Geoffrey de Wilnhal', John de Langel', Thomas de Stokes, William de Wytel', Richard and William de Fynnel' and others. Seals: i) on tag, wrapped in silk, broken ii) fragment on tag, on ?elephant. Endorsed: i) Auncient Dede to Langle of Allrenford myllne bounding by name upon Stifordmyllne [AG] ii) molend' de Alerenford iuxta Coventr'

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Note: for apparent counterpart see no. DR10/469.