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Sale particulars


A collection of particulars, plans and conditions of sale, from various sources, arranged topographically by county and parish. Warwickshire is followed by Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire

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    234 sections containing 1085 pieces

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    United Kingdom - England - Gloucestershire,

    United Kingdom - England - Oxfordshire,

    United Kingdom - England - Staffordshire,

    United Kingdom - England - Worcestershire,

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Admin History

Administrative History Accessions prior to 1939 were arranged between 1940-1942 by Reverend J. Harvey Bloom, partly according to subject matter and partly topographically. In 1972 a reorganization and renumbering of all the collections was undertaken, but as the provenance of many early deposits could not be ascertained, the old arrangement had to stand.