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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease and release, the release being a conveyance, from nine of the trustees of the Coventry to Warwick turnpike, to Joseph Massen of London, merchant, only son and heir at law of Benjamin Massen, late of Coventry, stuffmerchant deceased, reciting an Act of Parliament of 27 George II [1753-4], to establish the said turnpike and giving any nine of the trustees power to purchase land for widening and altering the road, and reciting the decisions taken at two public meetings of 7 September and 10 October 1757, namely, that because Warwick Lane, part of the said turnpike in the parish of Stivichall, was in a ruinous state, it was necessary to divert the road across two adjacent closes belonging to the said Benjamin Massen and in the occupation of Mr. Pimlott, and that Benjamin Massen, for 40 pounds and the grant of Warwick Lane, had agreed to this. It is now witnessed that, in consideration of 5 shillings paid by the said Joseph Massen, the trustees convey to him (the 40 pounds having been previously paid to Benjamin his father) land called Warwick Lane in Stivichall and late part of the Coventry to Warwick Turnpike, near a public house in the tenure of Richard Cox and known by the name of the Admiral, and which lane abutts on the south and southeast upon lands of the Rt. Hon. Heneage, Earl of Aylesford, north on lands of the said Joseph Massen and west upon a little lane leading from Stivichall Common to Stivichall, reserving to the said Earl of Aylesford a right of way to a close in the tenure of Thomas Greswold adjoining the said lane. Signed: A. Gregory, Thomas Lucas, Owen Phillipps, W. Powell, Samuel Malkin, John Bird, Thomas Wightwick Knightley, Jo. Blissett, Wm. Moody. Nine red seals applied. Witnesses: Joshua Harborne, Mathew Payne.