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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


[Copy] will of Anne Archer, wife of Sir Simon of Warwick: Bequeaths messuage and lands in Wem, Salop known as High Field Farm held by trustees, her nephew John Ferrers and son-in-law Philip Young subject to her right of disposal, to grandson William Young, son of Philip, for life then to grandson Simon Archer, eldest son of Humphrey for life, with remainder to his heirs male with reversion to Andrew Archer, brother of Simon and his right heirs. To grandchildren Andrew Archer and his sister Elizabeth, pound;1000 equally (which pound;1000 testator had lent to her husband upon security and he is charged with payment). If either grandchild predecease testator, all to survivor. If both die then to grandson Simon Archer. To daughter Anne, mother of Simon, lease of house where testator lives together with 2 best petticoats, Indian morning coate, the mantle 'which I use to weare myselfe', and a childs mantle together with all linens and household goods testator has bought with her own money and are contained in annexed schedule. To 2 maids, Mary Rew and Elizabeth Hurst, in proportion 2/3: 1/3 residue of clothes. To servants at death, 1 years wages. To grandson William Young black ebony cabinet with frame together with all her books. To cousin Mrs. Peyto [?wife of Edward] all china dishes and cups with all 'curiosities.. made of ivory' in her closet: To eldest daughter of cousin John Ferrers diamond necklace. To granddaughter Elizabeth Archer, daughter of Humphrey, all plate, chains, bracelets, rings and jewels with residue of items in closet. To niece Mary Phillips, stone can set with silver gilt, given to testator by niece's mother Lady Rouse To cousin Sir Henry Puckering picture of Sir Thomas More; to wife of Sir Henry, amber cup. To nephew Ferrers, picture of testator's grandfather Sir Humphrey Ferrers set in gold [?miniature]. To grandson Philip Young, pound;200 due upon bond from Richard Lucy esq. at 21; pound;100 to apprentice poor children of Warwick. Residue to grandson Simon Archer. Executors: John Ferrers, Sir William Bromley of Baginton, to whom pound;50 each to buy a ring. Witnesses: Symon Archer; James Cooke; William Wiggett, Thomas Nichols. Codicil, same date: Bequeathes sable muff to Mrs. Rouse, wife of John Rouse of Tachbrook; pound;10 to cousin Clement Throckmorton of Haseley. Schedule of household goods bequeathed to Ann Archer.