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Brinklow deeds and papers


Lease and release, the release being a settlement, on the marriage of Arthur Gregory of Stivichall esq., to Prudence Hill, youngest daughter of Edward Hill of Charterhouse, gent. The said Arthur, (in consideration of the intended marriage and that the said Edward and Prudence, by indenture of lease and release bearing even date, conveyed to Norton Hanson of Coventry esq., and Basil Saint Nicholas of Knolle gent., lands in Coventry and Knenall, co. Staffs., for the uses therein expressed, [nos. DR10/1394-5] and of the sum of £1500 paid by the said Edward to the said Arthur as a marriage portion for the said Prudence) conveys to the said Norton Hanson and Edward Hill the manor of Brincklow, one and a half yardlands of arable meadow and pasture, several closes in the occupations of William Stonley, William Simons, and John Heyes and all other lands with appurtenances etc. in Brincklow, also the messuage and two closes called Broom Close and Withy Pitts; two closes adjoining the same, late in the tenure of Alice Gambole and now of Thomas Harbourne; two other closes lying near the same called Broomhill and Little Close, late in the possession of Charles Yardley and now of the said Thomas Harbourne, a messuage and a close called the Neat Hills divided into three parts and adjoining a ground late in the possession of Thomas Phillips; a close called Ling divided into three parts; several closes lying between Crosses House and the Lodge Leasures; a meadow called Alderston Meadow late in the occupation of the said Charles Yardly and now of John Harbourne; a messuage and close called Upper Ling Close, another called Neather Ling Close, another called the Broom Close, another called the Pitt Close, and another called the Gregpool Close now in the tenure of William Hancox; a messuage and two closes called the Further Ground and the Furze Close; a close next to Finham Greene, now in the tenure of Thomas Whitmore; a messuage and several closes late in the tenure of Thomas Greswold and now of Thomas Phillips; a little messuage and orchard now in the tenure of Thomas Wilson; a messuage or cottage with a little close adjoining now in the tenure of -- Marvin; all of which messuages and lands lie in lordship of Hill, alias Kingshill in the parish of Stoneleigh; also a farmhouse called Hilling Hall Grange and a close belonging to the same called the Homestead Close, in two parts divided; a close called the Calfs Close, another called the Barley Close, and a close lying between the last two called the Mowing Close; a little piece of meadow lying at the end of Neather Wood, and land late enclosed in Finham Field lying next Finham Gate; all of which last mentioned premises lie in the parish of Stoneleigh; also all the doles of meadow ground in Finham Meadows late in the tenure of Thomas Cross; also the tithes of corn, grain and hay from the said premises in Hill, alias Kingshill; also a messuage and garden in Smithford Street in Coventry, on the south side of the street between a messuage in the tenure of William Denham on the west and the front part of a messuage in the tenure of Richard Linsey on the east part, the other part of the said messuage being in Greyfryers Lane between the back part of the said messuage in the tenure of the said Richard Linsey on the north, and a messuage in the occupation of Abraham Owen on the south; also a messuage in the Little Butcherow in Coventry; which said two messuages are in the tenure of the said Abraham Owen and Abraham Randle; also a chief rent of 18s. 10d. paid by the Bayley of the Corporation of Coventry and a chief rent of 1s. 6d. paid by the Wardens of the said Corporation; to hold to the said Norton Hanson and Edward Hill for the use of Arthur Gregory for life, then for the use of the said Prudence for life, and then for their heirs male; or in default the said Norton Hanson and Edward Hill are to raise a portion of £2000 for their daughter to be paid at the age of 21 or on her marriage, and until then £30 annually; or if there be two or more daughters the sum of £3000 shall be divided between them, to be paid as above, with a yearly allowance of £30 until then. Signed: 156) Arthur Gregory 157) Arthur Gregory; Edward Hill. Seals: 156) fragment of red seal applied on tag. 157) Three tags, red seal applied to tags i and iii. Witnesses: William Grove, Henry Cave. Endorsed:157)Arthur Gregory esq supr;. 1708