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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Henry de Albiniaco son of Henry de Albiniaco of Wycheford and Christine his wife to Geoffrey de Langele and Matilda his wife and their heirs or their nearest heirs for their homage and service, of their capital messuage of Coventre with husbote and heybote relating to the said messuage to be taken in the woods of Coventre, together with 200 pigs free from pannage and with rights of common for their other animals in the woods of Coventre, together with all the land, rents and a tenement belonging to the said messuage together with the mills of Bissele, [Bisseley], the park and the new mill and all the arable land of the said Henry and Christine in Coventre and Bissele, and their meadows, groves, moors etc. in the vills of Coventre, Stoke, Keresle [Keresley], Alspathe and Stivechale with homages and services and the rents of free men, burgesses and villeins, together with all the appurtenances which Joan mother of the said Christine holds in dower in the said vills, and which are due to the said Henry and Christine on the death of the said Joan; which lands are to pass to the said Geoffrey and Matilda and their heirs, or in default to the nearest heirs of the said Geoffrey, with no reservation by the grantors or their heirs or the heirs of Christine; together with all the lands, rents and tenements in Wydibrok' [Withybrook], Ruiton', Stratton', [Ryton and Stretton-on-Dunsmore] and Kyrkeby [Monks Kirby] which the grantors might inherit from Nicholas son of Nicholas of Coventre, father of the said Christine, and which are to pass to the said Geoffrey and Matilda without reservation; to hold of the said Henry and Christine rendering annually one pair of gloves or 1/2 d. at Christmas in lieu of all customs suit of court and secular exactions and paying all the rents and services relating to the said property due to the chief lord; in exchange for this gift, the said Geoffrey gives to the said Henry and Christine 40 shillings of land in Wdeberghe co. Wilts. together with the land and tenement which Cecilia de la Rivere holds in dower in the vill of Wdeberghe [Woodborough, co. Wilts.] due to the said Geoffrey and Matilda on her death, together with 30 shillings rent in the vill of Orchestone [Orcheston, co. Wilts.] and 15 shillings rent in the vill of Bristoll'; to hold of the said Geoffrey rendering annually a pair of gloves or one penny at Easter; and the said Geoffrey to release Sir Henry de Albiniaco, father of the said Henry, from prison at Sar' and to acquit him against Robert de Totehal' for seven score marks by which he was bound to him by an agreement relating to the marriage settlement of the said Henry the son to the said Christine. Witnesses: Sir Paul Peyure, Sir Robert de Mucegros, Sir Henry de Bathon', Sir Gilbert de Preston', Sir Nicholas Peyure, Sir William Trussel, Walter de Coventr', William de Lit', Robert de Stokes, John de Langel', Geoffrey de Wyllenhal', Richard de Pynele, William de Pynele and others. Seals: i) on tag: circular, green. An eagle rising. Legend: S' HENRICI DAUBEONI ii) On tag: fragment of circular green seal. Fleur de lis. Legend: ---E FIL' NICH--- Endorsed: i) Carta Henrici de Albiniaco; Coventre [contemp] ii) Carta Galfridi Langley de diversis terris et tenementis in Schorteley, Coventr' et alibi [AG has added: Stivichal', Keresley, Alspathe, Stoke] Whytemore Thes'; Johannes Leedecote quondam tenuit [14th c.] iii) Nicolaus Peysre de Coventry demise lo Heathe mylne 25 H 3. Nicholaus filius Nicolait de Coventry, Johanna uxor que tenuit Stivechale in dotem habuerunt exitum; Christianam uxorem Henrici Dawbenii qui habuerunt exitum, Maltildam uxorem Galfridi Langley [AG] iv) Godyva comitissa tenet Aelespede et Coventry in libro Domus Dei. Post conquestum Hugo comes Cestriae cuius una heres Mabilia filia Ranulphi uxor Hugonis Dalbaniaco comitis Arundel de quibus Cecilia uxor Rogeri de Monte Alto, Isabella uxor Johannis filii Alani, Mabilia uxor Rogeri Somery. Feodum dominorum de Styvechale: Allispath tenetur de manerio de Stivechale per servitium militis per finem levatam apud Wilton, pasche xxxiii regni regis Henrici iii et per incuisiciones de anno xix Edwardi secundi et xxxix Henrici tercii per Kington, Segrave et omnes alios. Redditus burgensium omnium et villanorum de Coventr' regargan' capitali manso de Stivechale, howsbot et heybot in vastis de Coventr', pannagium quietum pro CC porcis, communiam omnium animalium de Stivechal, videlicet pro xxiiii virgatis terre. Liberi tenentes de Stretton, Boughton et alii. Essex sectatur pro Ruiton' et Stivechal'. Fenton' Dudly Murdack sectatores pro tenementis in Coventry et Simon Arden' cum multis aliis pro terris ibidem. [AG]

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