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John Baldwin


Probate, of will and codicil (dated 5/3/1876 and 26/5/1876) of John Baldwin, Luddington, farmer, deceased, granted to Henry James Pritchard and Margaret Baldwin Smith, executors. Proved at Birmingham To Rev. Gray Granville, Rector of Islam, Derbys. 2 paintings, silver snuff box, silver cup and £100. To Rev. Charles Granville Gepp, late curate of Luddington; 1 painting, 1 silver cup, 1 medal from Smithfield. To Thomas Higgins of Binton, painting by Turner, prize cup. To cousin Charles Carter Garner: paintings and watercolours, china, medals won at Paris, Squire Ingram's hunting horn, cups won. To cousin Annie Kirkland, Birkenhead; 3 paintings and £200. To cousin Emily Hardman; epergne. To cousin Henry Findon, London; silver tea and coffee service. To cousin Caroline Findon; cottage and garden in Burial Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon, in occupation [George] Smith, nurseryman. To cousin Ann Elizabeth Smith; furniture and effects in testator's room and dressing room. To executors: £200 to be used for benefit of cousin Harriet Baldwin, with remainder to her stepmother Mary Baldwin. To cousin Mary Ann Baldwin; £60. To Henry [James] Pritchard; paintings, silver salver and £200. To goddaughter Emily Pritchard; paintings by Murillo and Brauer and silver cups. To executors; £300 to be invested for benefit of clergyman at Luddington. £200 to be invested for maintenance of churchyard. £70 to buy blankets, sheets, clothing and furniture to distribute among poor of Luddington at Christmas after his death. £6 to treat inhabitants of Stratford-upon-Avon Workhouse at Christmas after death. To Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation; paintings by Dawson and Hogarth on condition kept in large room of Town Hall. To servant Joseph Newland; 2 cottages in Burial Lane in occupation Solomon Hancox and William Clarke cottage and blacksmith's shop at Welford. gold watch and chain with lion seal, painting, medal, cup, £200 and half clothes. To bailiff' George Morris, Bridgetown; 4 cottages in Burial Lane in occupation George Harwood, Alfred Handy, William King and William Hancox; another gold watch and chain; To late servant William Walton, Binton Bridge; £100 and acquittance of all debts. To cook Hannah Wright; £20. To each of servants: £3 for mourning. To wife Emily Marianne Baldwin: furniture in her boudoir and whatever else was hers; £200; Marriage Settlement settled property worth more than £1800 on her. To Ethel Cockeram, daughter of Henry John James Cockeram of Fryer Mayne, Dorset, the niece of testator's wife: £1800 payable at death of wife or testator, whichever later, to be raised from property settled on wife. Residue to executors to sell and pay debts and legacies and divide remainder into five, viz: 3 parts equally to Margaret Baldwin Smith, Ann Elizabeth Smith, John Baldwin (cousin), Elizabeth Ingram Dugard (cousin), fourth part between two children of late cousin Thomas Carter and 5 children of late cousin Mary Garner; fifth part - half to M.B. Smith, half between Henry and Caroline Findon. Codicil: Revokes bequests to wife Emily Marianne Baldwin and wife's niece Ethel Cockeram; money etc. to form part of residue. To cousin C.C. Garner - 4 bins of wine in cellar at choice.