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Assignment from George Hill of St. Clement Danes co. Middx. gent. at the direction of John Dalby of Brookhampton gent. and Richard Dalby gent. his brother to John Clay of Milend in Stepney alias Stebonheath co. Middx. gent. and Mathew Johnson of the Middle Temple, London, esq. in trust for Thomas Wright of Mile-end aforesaid grazier and Ambrose Holbeche of Mollington gent., reciting the purchase by Thomas Wright of Richard Dalby of an inn called the White-house in Mile-end and the purchase by Ambrose Holbeche of John Dalby and Richard Dalby of the manor of Brookhampton, of a judgement obtained by the said George Hill in the court of Kings Bench in Michaelmas term 1661 against John Dalby the father since deceased for a debt of £120 and costs, which judgement the said George Hill had lately revived and tried to execute on the said inn, Consideration £50 paid by Thomas Wright to George Hill. It was agreed among the parties that the said judgement should only be made use of and kept on foot to protect the said purchased premises against any further incumbrances that might arise. And whereas the said George Hill alleged that John Dalby the father was some time before his death arrested at the suit of Sir Fretzevill Hollis kt. and his wife, who was the relict and executrix of Valentine Crome late of London scrivener deceased, on a process for the recovery of debts due to the last named, that he George Hill had obtained the liberty of the said John Dalby the father (who died shortly afterwards), and that Sir Fretzevill Hollis had recovered against him £25 damages on a supposed promise made by him in John Dalby's behalf, it was further agreed that he should assign over to the said Thomas Wright and Ambrose Holbeche the judgement obtained in this case also, `if any such there be, as soon as he can find the same,' Signed by the parties. Seven papered seals on tags, four broken. Witnesses: Dalby Thomas, ? J.A.Mathews, Edw. Wattes, Wm Stratford. Endorsed: The agreement aboute keepinge Mr Hills judgement on foote against Mr John Dalby.