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Lease and release, the release a conveyance from Sir Thomas Pope of Wroxton co. Oxon. kt. and bart. and earl of Downe in the kingdom of Ireland to Sir Thomas Wenman kt. Viscount Wenman of Tuam in the said kingdom of Ireland, Philip Wenman of Thame park co. Oxon. esq. and Sir Francis Wenman of Caswell same co. kt. for £8,669 of the manor of Lighthorne, the capital messuage or mansion house and lands enjoyed therewith then or late in the occupation of the said Earl of Downe, and messuages and lands in the occupation of William Smith, William Harbert, John Manton, Thomas Reinolds, John Mason, Thomas Warwicke, Simon Dalton, Elizabeth Randall widow, John Taylor, William Townesend, Dorothy Hyorne widow, amd cottages and lands in the occupation of John Lea, William Butcher, Timothy Suffolke, Isabel Heminges widow, Thomas Crowder, Thomas Robinson and Thomas Barlowe, Alice Miller widow, Richard Kinge, William Halford and - Ayres, all in Lighthorne, reserving and excepting from this conveyance the messuage and lands formerly in the occupation of Thomas Greene deceased and then of Elizabeth Greene widow, and the messuage and lands in the occupation of William Jeacocke and Leonard Jeacocke, with warranty against and possible claims of William late earl of Downe deceased the grantor's father, John Pope esq. his grandfather or the Countess Beata his wife, or Sir Thomas Pope kt. deceased brother of the said John, and an undertaking by the grantor to convey the advowson of the parish church on request, and appointment of Ambrose Holbech the elder of Mollington gent. and his son Ambrose Holbech the younger as attornies to give seisin. Signed: Down Seals gone from both documents. Witnesses: Vin: Barry, Ri: Catesby, Will: Bradshaw, Sym: Eaton, George Becke, Ambrose Holbech, Am: Holbech jun., Will' Southall With the following documents nos. 22 and 24 attached in file. Endorsed (1) Memorandum that £100 should be paid for the purchase of the advowson, but that this sum had been abated from the general purchase money. Signed: Down. Same witnesses. (2) Memorandum of livery of seisin, 2 April 1662. Witnesses: Sym: Eaton, Leonard Jacockers, Will: Bradshaw, Willm. Bradshaw jun., John Bradshaw, Thomas Greene, Thomas Robinson by his mark, William Halford by his mark, Ambrose Holbech sen.