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Correspondence: Wheler Papers


R.B. Wheler to: i) [John Britton]: - on the removal of the paint from Shakespeare's bust, the taking of a cast, etc; 26 April 1814 (f.7) - on the restoration of Stratford Church, the papers of Captain Saunders, his own publications, etc. (f. 38) ii) Charles Severn, M.D., on the amount of Shakespeare's property etc. [cf. ER1/20/17]; 28 February 1840 (f.35) iii) [John Poynder]: - on the position of Shakespeare's grave, etc. [cf. ER1/20/17]; 10 July 1841 (f. 36) - on the bell in the Guild Chapel, etc. [cf. ER1/20/17]; 27 July 1841 (f. 37)