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Rainsford and Dighton families of Clifford Chambers


Settlement by Richard Quiney, citizen and drugster of London, and Job Dighton, Middle Temple, upon trustees (Richard Bayne, Oxford, D.D., William Wheate, Glympton, Oxon., esq., and Thomas Dighton, Cliffords Inn, London, gent.), of manor and lands of Clifford Chambers. Reciting: 1 April 1645. Lease by Henry Rainsford to Job Dighton and Richard Quiney for 99 years, Richard Quiney being trustee to use of Job Dighton. 6 Dec 1649. Job Dighton being desirous of acquiring inheritance of premises by Deed Poll released residue of term to Richard Quiney in trust for Job Dighton. Now Quiney assigns term to Bayne, Wheate and Dighton in trust to pay revenues of 1/2 estate (excluding Clifford Mills and land in occupation Thomas Penny the miller) to Ann Dighton, wife of Job, for life in lieu of dower. After death of Ann estate, except mills etc., to any named devisee of Job or, if none, to his eldest son Henry, but no power of alienation during residue of term. Mill lands to younger son Job, unless Henry pays £600. Contra remainders to 2 sons if either die without issue.