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Knight of Barrells


Copy will of that date of the Rev. Henry Charles Knight of Heathlands, Malvern Wells co. Worcs. clerk in holy orders. Appoints his friends Charles Roger Jacson of Barton Hall near Preston co. Lancs, esq., Arnold More at present residing in London a lieutenant-colonel in H.M. Army and the Rev. Frederick Peel clerk in holy orders of Barassie House, Malvern Link, vicar of Little Malvern co. Worcs. to be executors and trustees. Bequests as follows: To each of his trustees £50; To such of his daughters as should be spinsters at the time of his decease £600 and all his jewelry, plate furniture, china, glass, pictures and contents of his house and garden; To Edwin Evelyn Dormer of Henley-in-Arden esq. an annuity of £100 for life; To his sister-in-law Emma Margaret Minchin of Cliff Cottage, West Cowes, I.O.W., an annuity of £7.10s.Od. for life; To his servant Caroline Medley if she should survive all his daughters an annuity of £50 for life; these three annuities to be free of legacy duty; All his messuages, farms and lands in Wootton Wawen, his dwelling-house called Heathlands and all other real estate he left to his trustees in trust for sale; The proceeds of such sale and all his personal estate, after payment of funeral expenses and provision for annuities, to be held in trust for such of his four daughters, namely Frances Katharine Sarah Knight, Lucy Charlotte Emma, wife of the Rev. Edward Thory Marshall, Henrietta Caroline Mary Knight and Katharine Sybil Knight, as should be living at his decease, to be divided among them in equal shares, and the moneys so divided to be invested on their behalf, and the income arising to be paid to them for life without power of anticipation, and after their death to such of their children or remote issue as they should by deed or will appoint; No child of such daughter taking part in the trust fund by any such appointment to be entitled to any share of the unappointed part of the trust fund without bringing his own appointed share or shares into hotchpot; The share of any of his daughters dying without children to go to other daughters in equal shares on the same trusts as the original share; A proportion not exceeding one half of the presumptive portion of any child of any of his said daughters to be raiseable for the advancement or preferment of such child at the trustees' discretion; The sum of £1,500 advanced on the marriage of his daughter Lucy Charlotte Emma Marshall to be brought into hotchpot and accounted for accordingly; No sale to be made of his dwelling-house Heathlands or other hereditaments in the parish of Welland co. Worcs. while two or more of his daughters were spinsters without their consent in writing, such dwelling-house to be available for their occupation without payment of rent if they desired it; With power to the trustees to postpone sale of these premises at their discretion, and to purchase real estate (including leaseholds of more than 60 years) under conditions specified, and to manage any estates while unsold, cut timber, pull down and repair buildings, insure property against fire, grant leases not exceeding 21 years, and to mortgage property to raise sums for building on or improving the estates, the proceeds of sale of timber to be regarded as income and applied accordingly. The statutory power of appointing new trustees was to be exercised by the majority in number of his daughters then living. Dated: 5 January 1886. Signed and acknowledged by Henry Charles Knight. Witnesses: Edward Nevinson, solr., Malvern, Elizabeth Clements, housemaid to Mr. Knight. Testator died 1 December 1887. Will proved 16 February 1888 in Worcester District Registry.