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Knight of Barrells


Deed of management being an agreement between the Rev. Henry Charles Knight of Bognor co. Sussex clerk and Charles Raleigh Knight of 36 Montague Square co. Middx. esq. late a captain in Her Majesty's 25th regiment of infantry of the one part and John Bullar of 11 Kings Bench Walk, Inner Temple in the city of London esq. and William Frederick Beadon of 9 Stratford Place, Oxford Street co. Middx. esq. of the other part, reciting first an agreement dated 19 January 1844 between the said H.C. Knight and the said C.R. Knight. According to this, the former claimed to be entitled to an estate in tail male expectant on the death of Robert Knight, the first life tenant under the will of Robert earl of Catherlough decd., in regard to the real and personal property subject to the said will or to the Act of 1808 (no. DR 225/22), and to an absolute interest in the family heirlooms, but Charles Raleigh Knight denied such claim and himself claimed to be entitled to the same estate and interest, whereon in order to avoid litigation and disputes, the said H.C. Knight and C.R. Knight had agreed to vest all the said real and personal estates and heirlooms in trustees, to be disposed of for the benefit of both parties. They agreed that, if both of them should survive the said Robert Knight, they should take all necessary steps to discharge the real estates from entail and the monies from trusts under the will, codicil or Act, and to vest them in two trustees, one to be nominated by each party, and should any estates remain unsold to determine the trusts for sale and vest them in the same trustees, upon the following trusts. All real estates and personal estate not consisting of monies were to be sold, and from one equal moiety of the proceeds a sum of £15,000 was to be raised for the absolute benefit of and paid to C.R. Knight, the balance of that moiety to be in trust for H.C. Knight and the other moiety in trust for C.R. Knight. In the meantime one moiety of all rents and income arising was to be applied first to raise interest at the rate of 3 per cent on C.R. Knight's £15,000 and the residue in trust for H.C. Knight, and the other moiety in trust for C.R. Knight. After reciting that Robert Knight died on 5 January 1855 without having again been married, the deed of management recites an indenture of even date but of prior execution (of which no. DR 225/29 is a draft) between (1) Henry Charles Knight, (2) Charles Raleigh Knight, (3) William Parke, and (4) John Bullar and William Frederick Beadon, whereby in pursuance of the agreement of 19 January 1844, the two first named conveyed to John Bullar and W.F. Beadon all real estates, and William Parke, H.C. Knight and C.R. Knight assigned to the same all monies, personal estate and heirlooms, mentioned in the disentailing assurances of 8 and 10 January 1855 (nos. DR 225/26 28) as subject to the will and codicil of 1772 and Act of 1808, in trust to uses to be specified. To specify these uses it was then witnessed that the said John Bullar and W.F. Beadon should stand seized of all the said estates and hereditaments in trust to divide them into two equal moieties, one moiety in trust for H.C. Knight but charged with a payment of £15,000 to C.R. Knight and the other moiety in trust for C.R. Knight, with certain provisos specified, the said John Bullar and W.F. Beadon to manage the real and personal estates in the intervening period until the trusts should have been fulfilled, with full power to open and work mines, fell timber, cut underwood, erect or pull down houses or other buildings, repair Barrels mansion house, sell materials, make or close roads, plant trees and hedges, make new divisions of fields, drain lands, insure property against loss or damage by fire c. Signed and sealed: H.C. Knight, C.R. Knight. Seals applied on green silk. Witnesses: Edward T. Whitaker, 12 Lincolns Inn Fields, London; Walter Crofton of Chalcott nr. Westbury, Wilts.; John Lentargue of Tallaght co. Dublin.