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Verney (Lords Willoughby de Broke) of Compton Verney


Miscellaneous deeds and papers, relating to the Willoughby de Broke estates, mainly in Warwickshire The main divisions of the collection are as follows: /1-33: settlements and wills, 1772-1962 /34-203: Chadshunt deeds and papers, 1565-1956 /204-231: Manor of Little Kington (Kineton), 1706-1822 /232-240: Brookhampton and Butlers Marston, 1713-1814 /241-247: Manor of Great Kineton, 1716-1841 /248-253 Miscellaneous Kineton deeds, 1815-1911 /254-260: Copyholds in the manors of Little Kineton, Combrook and Brookhampton, 1743-1912 /261-267: Copyholds in the manor of Great Kineton, 1788-1899 /268-270: Burton Dassett deeds and papers, 1595-1925 /271-280: Miscellaneous, 1725-1895 For fuller details about the family and their estates, see DR 98

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    480 pieces

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    Verney, Family

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DR 98: the main collection consisting primarily of the Warwickshire papers of the combined families of Verney of Compton Verney and Peyto of Chesterton brought together in the mid eighteenth century on the inheritance of the estates of Margaret Peyto by her distant cousin, John Verney, later Lord Willoughby de Broke DR 580: four documents concerning Georgiana Jane, Lady Willoughby de Broke, 1871-1874 DR 636: 42 deeds relating to Lighthorne, Warwickshire; Bramshall, Staffordshire; Kimcote, Leicestershire, and elsewhere, 1662-1892