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Archer of Tanworth


Manuscript volume containing (ff. 1-54) near contemporary copies in the same hand, of documents relating to the lordship of Powys and the estates of Edward Gray ff. 1-3: blank ff. 4-6: 29 May 1551: copy conveyance by Edward Gray, knight, lord of Powys to William Charleton and Joseph Pownte, of the buildings and lands of Buildwas Abbey in Staffordshire and Derbyshire, given to him by Henry VIII on 10 April 1546; to hold in trust to the use of his legitimate issue or, in default of such, to the use of Edward Gray, his son by Jane Orwell, and his heirs, and in default, then to his daughters, Jane, Ann, Joyce and Cecilia, by the said Jane Orwell, successively. ff. 7-9: 11 June 1544: copy will of Edward Gray, with bequests for life to Jane Orwell, and creating Edward Gray his sole heir. Codicil, dated 10 August 1549, makes alterations in small pecuniary bequests and disposes of Buildwas as above. ff. 10-19: letters patent of inspeximus issued at the request of Edward Gray, knight, of interrogatories exhibited in Chancery on behalf of Edward Gray concerning his parentage and the settlement of the family estates, with answers, of George Forster (11 May 1560), Richard Lawly, (13 May 1560), John Pryce (13 May 1560), Michael Forster (28 June 1560), Sir Arthur Darcy (18 June 1560), Dame Alice North (20 June 1560), Richard Kynnot (23 October 1560), Sir Roger Cholmeley (23 October 1560), William Charleton (7 May 1563), Richard Jones (9 May 1563), Richard Oswolde (9 May 1563), Lewis Layton (9 May 1563), Ralph Lytleales (9 May 1563), and William Byll (9 May 1563). ff. 19v-33v: 26 January 1582: letter patent of inspeximus of: i) a writ certiorari concerning the examination of Richard Moreton, esquire, Thomas David Meredith gent., John Hughes and Michael, gentlemen in the Court of Star Chambers: 25 October 1581 ii) interogatories administered to and depositions of the said witnesses, on behalf of Jane Lady Powys, Edward Gray, William Fowler, William Yonge, Walter Lee, John Baker, Richard Bingham, Richard Hallywell, Thomas Good, William Wood, Richard Woswald, Brian Stapleton and Richard Harnage, defendants in a suit brought by Henry Vernon and John Vernon, concerning the late Edward Lord Powys, with particular reference to a forged deed settling the estates: 7 June 1580. iii) A write of certiorari concerning the response and examination of Richard Bingham, Richard Woswold and Richard Harnage in the Court of Star Chamber, 28 November 1580. iv) Responses of the said defendants and interrogatories administered to, them and their subsequent depositions; 28 November 1579. ff.34-39: Interrogatories administered to, and answers of, Michael Forster, a witness examined in Chancery on behalf of Henry Vernon and John Vernon, plaintiffs, in a suit against William Fowler concerning the late Lord Powys; 24 November 1578. ff.39v-48: 20 August 1578: settlement between Sir Edward Herbert of Hendon, co. Middx., and Edward Grey of Buildwas, esq., in anticipation of a marriage between the latter's son and heir and one of the daughters of Sir Edward Herbert, concerning the barony of Powys and estates at Buildwas. ff.48v-54: 28 February 1582: Indenture between the said parties concerning the sale of the barony of Powys, the intended marriage not having taken place. ff.55-60: Near contemporary copies, in a new hand, of other documents, viz: f. 55: Inquisition, held at Lincoln, 4 October 1598, into the lands of Henry Earl of Lincoln, extended on by Hugh Middleton, rector of, to recover a debt; with writ of the sheriff of Lincoln concerning the same. ff. 56-60: Settlement on the marriages of Sir Thomas Mildmay of Moulsham, co. Essex, and Lady Frances Katcliffe, daughter of Henry late Earl of Sussex, and of Thomas Mildmay, esq., son of the said Thomas, and Elizabeth, daughter of the late Sir John Puckering, knight, mainly concerning land in Essex; 10 September 1599. Folio, 61ff; paper covers, damaged by damp.