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Archer of Tanworth


Antiquarian notebook, much of it in the hand of Sir Simon Archer. The principal contents are: ff. 1-3v: Alphabetical catalogue of towns and houses in Warwickshire 'as it is sett forth by Master Speed in his description of Warwickshire' ff.5-6v: Index of escheats (i.e. Inquisitions post mortem) for the counties of Warwick and Leicester; alphabetically by reigns of Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary. f. 8: List of Warwickshire castles. f. 8v: List of Warwickshire parks. f. 9: `Genealogy of the Mauncesters of Mauncester' (Cf. Dugdale, Antiquities of Warwickshire, p. 1077. f. 9v: `The pedegre of the Broctons, alias Broughton, lord of Broughton iuxta Banburye ... taken out of deeds in the custodye of the lord Saye, 1635' ff. 12-19: Notes copied from 'an account of the Earle of Warwick', c. 17 Richard II (1393-4); 'but the rolle happened into a taylors hands who cut the toppe and bottome to make mesures so the certayne date thereof is unknowne'; viz. ff. 12-17: `The buylding of the newe tower within the castle of Warwick called Guyes Tower and other buyldings about the castle and church of Warwick' (see VCH. Warws., viii, p. 456, n. 93) f.18: copy of `Publius Lentulus his newes to the senate of Rome concerning Jesus Christ': with note by Archer: `This is written in a very antient hand and all the letters and words which are stroaken under are written in redd letters'. f.19: Tanworth rental `on the inside of the accompt aforenamed ..... which accompt semeth too be made about xviith yeare of kinge Rychard the second' f.20 : Copy account for Stoke Archer, 1424-5; `this accompt also the bottome thereof was cut of by a taylor' ff.21-23v: Customs of the lordship of Hanley and the chase of Malvern, co. Worcs., early sixteenth century. ff.24-31: Warwickshire section of the collectors' account `auxilii domini regis Edwardi 3 anno regni 20 ad primogenitum filium milite faciendum': 1346. ff.32-35: An apparently abbreviated copy of the Kineton hundred section of the 1278-9 inquisition headed `Inquisicio facta per Henricum de Nottingham et Henricum de Seldon milites .... 7 E i' ff. 36-38: Notes on the Arden family f. 39: Genealogy of the Peyto family f. 40: Genealogy of the Sheldon family of Rowley f. 41: Monumental inscriptions in `Warwick Church' f. 42: Copies of coats of arms `in the house by Balsall Temple taken by William Knight, gent., the 22 of May 1629' f. 43-45v: Notes on lay subsidies, Warwickshire Domesday etc. f. 44: Copy of a quitclaim from Thomas Myddulmor, 17 January 1403: `delivered this release unto William Burton esq. of Lindly comit. Leycest. upon the 22th day of June 1630' ff.44-45: Copies of deeds in the possession of Sir Charles Smyth of Wootton Wawen, temp. Henry III - 1318. ff. 46-47v: Letters patent confirming Sir Ralph Boteler in the lordship of Henley, 16 May 1449 (see Dugdale, p.806). ff.48-49v: `Foundation' charter of the chapel of Henley-in-Arden i.e. the confirmation by William Witelsey, 24 July 1367 (see Dugdale, p. 806) f. 50: `A note of the rates of the townes in Mr. Lambert's division, one of the high constabales in Kington Hundred delivered when he went out of his office, 19 July 1639' f. 50v: Notes on an undated Warwickshire tax assessment. ff. 53-72: `A customary booke for the xxix supt; supi; supe; townes belonging to the Honor of Tutberie' f. 73: Extracts from the Cartae Baronum, 1166, in the Red Book of the Exchequer concerning Berkshire and Warwickshire. f. 74-5: Further Warwickshire extracts from feudal surveys, 47 Henry III, 9 Edward II, 20 Henry IV. ff. 79-81: `Taken out of a manuscript written by John Rous, alias Rosse and remayning in Bennetts Colledge librarye in Cambridge, anno domini 1632' f. 82: Latin poem by Raphael Pearce, Vicar of Long Itchington, on the name `Simon Archer' ff.83-84: Copies of documents relating to the appropriation of the church of Snitterfield, 1328. ff.85-86v: Notes on peerage, ranks and titles. f. 87v: Latin poem on the Exchequer composed by John Bell collector of a subsidy `tempore Regis Henrici Quarti' f. 87v: Latin `verses made of tobacco', undated. f. 88: Abstract of deeds made between Robert Burdett and William Twycross concerning Packwood, 1598. ff.90-92v: Notes `taken out of certayne papers sent unto me by Mr. John Hill of Granborrowe Court Warr in June 1651' ff.97-98v: Proclamation issued by Lady Jane Grey, 10 July 1553. f.101-102v: `a true copy of the deed of feoffment made by Edmond Fulwood of Tanworth esq. concerning the messuage which the sayd Edmund Fulwood bestowed upon the minister of Nuthurst for the tyme being. The original whereof remeyneth as yet in the custody of Thomas Trussell esq, at his house in Nuthurst. This copy was taken twentieth day of October 1635' (see Dugdale, p.958) ff.105-108v: Names of the hundreds and their lords for the counties of Stafford and Shropshire, taken from the inquisition of 5 March 1281. ff.109-110v: Translation of charter of Edward I, 14 February 1300, concerning the perambulation of the forest of Cannock. ff.111-112v: `Orders made by Thomas of Lancaster Constable of England in the Placeing of the Kinges of Armes, Herauldes and Sergeants of Armes', 3 September 1417. ff.114v-115: Mony receaved by the churchwardens in St. Nycholas parish for the repair of the church', 1508/9-1547/8. f. 115v: Description of Wedgnocke Park. ff.117-120v: `Orders statutes and rules made by us Robert Earle of Leycester Baron of Denbigh on the 26th November Anno Elizabethe 28 for the order and government of the Hospitall in the town of Warwick', 1585. Quarto, 124 ff.