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Edstone in Wootton Wawen deeds: Archer of Tanworth


Gift with warranty by Richard Hechecok' of Edryston [Edstone] to lord Ralph vicar [lit. vicar with a cure of souls] of Lodynton of one messuage with the adjacent croft and one croft called le Longe Croft and one croft called le brode Croft and five strips of ploughland, with the appurtaining hedges and ditches, and with meadows, pastures and rights of pasture, and all of its rights, and nine acres of arable land in the fields of Edriston [Edstone], of which two acres lie in Elwuwey [?] and two roods lie in ye Inhich, of which one end abutts on Redewey, and half an acre on ye Blakelond' and two acres on ye Neothurpofurlong', of which one end abutts into Warwich [Warwick] Wey, and half an acre called le Longe Lond on Wagyul' hol', of which one end abutts into Warwyk [Warwick] Wey, and half an acre at N Wynnssty, and one acre oppe Rohnhul separately, and one acre in Neothurfenne [?] With ye hadum adjacent to the same, and one acre called Thorw' acre of which one end abutts on the land of the abbot of Bordusley and the whole of his meadow in Kemsham'. To hold of chief lords of that fee for the due services which are by right accustomed. Witnesses: Lord Richard of ye Grang', chaplain, Walter Botyler of Edriston [Edstone], William Kyrkeby of the same, John atte forde of the same, John Sweyn of the same, Adam Salemon of the same, Gregory oye hul'. Given: at Edriston [Edstone] on the Tuesday after the feast day of St Katherine, 1347 [27 November 1347]. Seal: white wax on tag, 1 in. Latin and English