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Garrick Jubilee: Wheler Papers


Collections by R. B. Wheler on the Stratford Jubilee of 1769, consisting chiefly of: An Ode... at Stratford upon Avon by David Garrick, London, 1769, quarto (ff. 7-37), followed by Lloyds Evening Post and British Chronicle, 4 August 1769, 11 March 1771 (ff. 39-169) These works are interleaved, the inserted leaves containing copies of correspondence, 3 November 1768 - 13 November 1770 (ff. 5 - 24, 56), together with anecdotes, criticisms, verses and notes on the Jubilee by Wheler. The following portraits also occur: Thomas Betterton, f. 4v; Garrick (Miller sc.) f. 5; Shakespeare, f. 11, 26v; Ben Jonson, f. 28v; Samuel Johnson (Bartolozzi, 1785), f. 36; Garrick between Tragedy and Comedy (mezz. C. Corbutt), f.38.

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    Quarto, ff. 173.

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    CC-BY-NC-ND Image Courtesy of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust