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Shakespeare Tercentenary


Letters relating to the Shakespeare Tercentenary Festival at Stratford, 23 April 1864, chiefly addressed to Henry Kingsley, M.D. or Sir Charles Mordaunt, Bart., in answer to invitations or appeals from the Committee; 24 February 1863-26 September 1864.

Among the writers are:

Charles Kean, the actor (f.1)
[William H. Leigh, 2nd Lord] Leigh (ff. 4,6,10,55,78)
B[enjamin] Webster, the actor (f.12)
[George John Sackville-West, 5th Earl] De La Warr (ff. 30, 102, 171, 208, 227)
Samuel Jones Loyd, 1st Lord] Overstone (f.39)
J[ames] R[obinson] Planché (f. 52)
H[enry] d'Orleans [Duc d'Aumale] (f.80)
[George Guy Greville, 4th Earl of] Warwick (ff. 100,176)
[Frederick Temple Hamilton-Blackwood, 5th Lord] Dufferin (f.117)
W[illiam] C[harles] Macready, by an amanuensis (f.126)
John Bnight, M.P.
Antonio Panizzi, of the British Museum (ff.133,186,245)
J[ohn] Payne Collier (f.135)
Prof. Richard Owen (ff. 136, 247)
Sir Stafford Northcote, 8th Bart., M.P. (f.141)
Rev. A[lexander Dyce (f.142)
Sir Alexander Cockburn, Bart.,
Lord Chief Justice (f.145)
[Algernon Percy, 4th Duke of] Northumberland (f.147)
John Everett Millais (f.150]
Sir Hugh Cairns, M.P. (f.157)
Charles Knight, the publisher, by an amanuensis (f.189)
[Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Lord] Houghton (f.195)
Charles Dickens (f.196)
Martin F[arquhar] Tupper (f.197)
[George William Frederick Howard, 7th Earl of] Carlisle (ff.199, 246, 271)
Sir J[ames] Whiteside, M.P. (f.214)
Leon Halévy, fee composer (ff. 217, 231)
Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, D.D., [Bishop of Lincoln, 1869 (f.225)
Stella Colas, the actress (ff. 228, 234)
George J. Vining, the actor (ff. 238,240)
J[ohn] M[ontesquieu] Bellew (f.250)
Sir R[obert] C[ollie] Hamilton, Bart (ff. 252-257)
C[harles] Fechter, the actor (f.265)