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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Grant by William Whatley, J.P., and `hye bely [bailiff] of the burrowe of Stratford uppon Avene', George Whatley, J.P., and `hye alderman', and all other the aldermen and `head burgesses' to William Smart, `bachelor of art, now scoolmaster with us in the said burrowe', of a yearly stipend of £20, out of the rents, etc. of `ye late Gyld of Stratford', the said William Smart `dylygently to employ himself, with suche godly wysdom and lernynge as God hathe and shale endue hym with, to lerne and teche in the said gramer scole all suche scolars and chylder as shall forten to cum together to lerne godly lernynge and wysdom, beyng fet for the gramer scolle or at the least wyez entred or reddy to enter into there accydence and princypalls of gramer', and to provide a substitute if `by reason of sykeness or any other infyrmytyes [he] be not abull to kep the same gramer scoll hymself'. Dated `in the Councell hall of Stratford', 20 December 1 2 Philip and Mary [1554]. Counterpart, signed `By me William Smart'. Vellum, f. 27.