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Clifton-on-Dunsmore manorial records


Letters patent under the Great Seal of King Henry VIII reciting Letters Patent granted in the Court of Augmentations at Westminster 15 March 1538/9 to Mary Duchess of Richmond and Somerset and Countess Nottingham of (inter alia) the Manor of Newton formerly belonging to the Monastery of Combe and all the water mill in Holme in Clyfton upon Dounesmore also formerly belonging to the Monastery of Combe then in the tenure of William Leigh esq. or his assigns and those two 'les Holmes' or meadows in Holme to the same mill adjoining and with the same mill to the said William demised and all the ponds, ditches, streams, watercourses, suits, emoluments, profits etc., whatsoever in Holme to the said Mill pertaining demised to the said William with the said Mill and the tenement in Newton formerly belonging to the said Monastery then in the occupation of Thomas Smyth, Elizabeth his wife and William Smyth their son or the assigns of one or both of them with all the gardens, crofts, tenements, meadows, pastures, rents, revenues and services and the rest of the hereditaments in Newton aforesaid of the King with the said tenement to the said Thomas and Elizabeth and William Smyth demised and all the meadow of Holme lying dispersedly in the great meadow of Holme otherwise called Newbyggyng in Clyfton abutting towards the River Avon and then in the occupation of Agnes Dixwell and William Dixwell or the assigns of one or both of them formerly also belonging to the said Monastery for the term of the life of the said Countess from the feast of St. Michael then last past without making account to the King or his successors or payment of rent etc. as more fully appears in the said Letters Patent and reciting that by other Letters Patent dated 28th October 1544 a similar grant was made from the said Court of Augmentations to Thomas Broke of London Merchant Taylor and John Williams of the reversion of the said premises holding of the King in capite by service of a sixtieth part of a knights fee and paying to the King and his successors for the aforesaid Manor of Newton the rent of 6/6½ and for the residue of the premises 2/- to the aforesaid Court of Augmentations at the feast of St. Michael immediately after the death of the said Countess payable in the name of a tenth for all other tenths, rents and services whatsoever as is specified in the said Letters Patent. It was thereby witnessed that in consideration of 25/6½ to the Hanaper paid, the King granted Licence to the said Countess, Thomas Broke and John Williams to alienate the said premises to William Leigh esq. and his heirs for ever to hold of the King by the services thence owing and customary. Signed: Southwell Endorsed: To pay 25/6½ for fine, 20/4 for Seal and 4d for examination Great Seal of Henry VIII, damaged.