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Abstract of Title: Welford-on-Avon


Abstract of title (1875) of Edwin Stanley to garden ground and cottages in Welford, commencing with an assignment, dated 19 March 1852, between Mary Moore of Hill Wotton, spinster, George Moore of Hill Wotton, dealer, and Sarah Moore of Hill Wotton, spinster, of the first part, Nathaniel Eden of Stratford-upon-Avon, gent., of the second part, John Hornby of Weston-upon-Avon, farmer, of the third part, and John Stanley of Welford, wheelwright, of the fourth part, and ending with an indenture, dated 27 February 1874, between Edward Stanley of the one part and Courtenay Cornell Prance of Evesham, gent., of the other.