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Conveyances: Arley and Over Whitacre


Indentures dated 19 January 1704/5 (Old style) [1705] between Mary Averey of Sloly hill in the parish of Arley, widow of Richard Avery late of the same place, gent., deceased, Thomas Willington senior, of the same place, merchant, Waldive Willington, citizen and silkman of London, Thomas Willington junior of Tamworth, gent., and William Avery of Coventry, gent., of the first part, William Groves of the City of Coventry, gent., of the second part, and Richard Beresford of Stoak in the city of Coventry, gent. and Joseph Olds of the city of Coventry, mercer of the third part, concerning the conveyance of tenements and lands in Arley and Over Whitacre. Witnesses: D. Cox, Abigail Crockford, Elizabeth Caple and Henry Cave.