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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Award by Sir Nathaniel Brent, LLD, Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury, on articles exhibited against Thomas Wilson, clerk, vicar of Stratford, for refusing to visit the sick, for walking in the Church during prayers, for holding Conventicles, for particularising some of his parishioners in his sermons, for profaning the chapel `by sufferinge his children to playe at Bale and other sportes therein and his servauntes to hange clothes to drye in it, and his pigges and poultrie to lye and feed in it' and for sitting on the pulpit stairs to prevent his assistant, Mr. Trapp, from preaching a funeral sermon by request, the said Thomas Wilson being suspended for three months. 5 June 1635. Signed by William Warmstry, notary public. Folio 124.