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Stoneleigh, Westwood in


Grant by John (de la Sale) Abbot of Stanleia and the convent of the same to Richard de Daddelee, of 2 acres 3 roods and 9 lands, lying between the two ways namely the half acres next Langley, between the ways from from Cruelfelde and the way from Hurst to Coventre, and 6 frac12; acres lie by the way to Coventre, and frac12; an acre lies in le Colleye, T. Alexander de Cruelfeld, Roger de la More, William Persune, Henry son of Hugh de Canele, Thomas de Fynham, Henry-de Simon de Fynham, John de Fynham, Henry de Stanle and others. Seal a pointed oval in green wax. The abbot standing holding his staff in his right hand and a book in his left between the Sun and crescent moon. SIGILL ABBATIS DE STANLEIE.