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Christopher Whitfield of Chipping Campden (1902-1967)


Will of Michael Nash of Old Woodstock: 20 marks to each of sons Thomas, Jerome, John, Hilary, Hercules and Richard and to each daughters Dorothy, Mary, Susan and Elizabeth, payable at 24 or marriage. To son Thomas: gold ring with a cornelian, cloak and lute. Books to be divided amongst children at discretion of wife Frances [nee Hubaud] All lands to wife for upbringing of children as long as remains unmarried, except house and cowpen of which she is joint purchases and which becomes hers absolutely. After death or remarriage of wife, son Thomas to have all lands and premises, but if he predeceases his mother, to son Jerome and so to each son successively if die before mother. If all sons die before their mother, then property to daughters jointly. If all children predecease mother then all to nephew William Nash. Residue of estate to wife Frances who sole executrix. Overseers: William Babington and John Hearle esqs. who to have 20 shillings for pains. If wife renounces execution, then to have only 100 marks, her clothes, jewels and the best gelding. Proved at Canterbury 12 October 1577.