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Corley deeds and papers


Notification by S[imon], abbot of Rading', M. de Pateshill', R. Hareng', and Ralph de Lexintone that they were appointed by a precept of Henry son of King John in the 5th year of his reign, to hear a plea at Covintre between G. prior of the same place, plaintiff, and Hugh de Ringedone, defendant, concerning the advowson of the chapel of the Blessed Mary in Cornele; that the said Hugh came before them and placed himself upon the grand assize to decide whether (utrum) he or the said prior had the greater right to the same; that the assize was conducted in their presence through William Picot, William son of Odo, Richard de Egebald, Henry de Buschervill', Robert de Paschy, Eustace Picot, Robert son of Odo, Robert del Vali, Robert de Heseloure, Simon Bagod, Peter de Wulwardintone, and Hugh de Essebroc who stated on their oath that the said prior had the greater right to the advowson. It is therefore decided that the said prior should recover his seisin of the same; to hold to himself and his heirs forever; and the said Hugh is in mercy. Seals: i) missing, tag only. ii) On tag: broken, in a brown silk wrap. iii) Missing, tag only. iv) On tag: heart-shaped. A male head? Legend: obscure. Endorsed: i) Carta S. abbatie de Rading', M. de Pateshill, R. Hareng, R. de Lexinton' super advocacionem capelle de Cornleg'. ii) Ringsdon miles [AG]