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Probate of Will: Richard Newcomb, Stratford-upon-Avon and Clifford Chambers


Probate dated 28 January 1735/6 (Old style) [1736] of the Will of Richard Newcomb of Stratford-upon-Avon, carrier, dated 20 June 1735, bequeathing to his son, Thomas Newcomb, and daughter Mary Day, widow, one guinea each (they being already provided for); to Elizabeth Newcomb his daughter £100 and a messuage in Stratford in Chappell Street, for the residue of a term under the Corporation of Stratford; to Bridget Newcomb his daughter £100, and five closes in Bridgetown or Ryen Clifford and two closes called Monks Closes etc. in Clifford Chambers, for the residue of two terms from Martha Clopton and Abel Makepeace (see ER3/219), charged with an annuity of £20 to Martha Newcomb his wife; to the said Martha, his wife, £10 and such of his household goods as she should require; to Alice Veal, wife of John Veal, weaver, £5; to the said John Veal his wearing apparel, with exceptions; to Thomas Freeman, son of John Freeman, his servant, £5: the residue equally amongst his three daughters Elizabeth, Bridget and Susannah. The same to be executrixes with Thomas Huckell of Stratford, grocer, to assist them and to have £10 for his trouble. Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

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