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Bishops Tachbrook, Warwickshire Manorial Records


View of frankpledge, held at ------, for Stivichall, Chadshunt, Gaydon, Itchington and Tachbrook: ------- in Easter week, 4 Henry IV. 13 June 1403 Court held at Itchington, for Chadshunt, Gaydon, Itchington, and Tachbrook: Wednesday after the feast of St. Barnabas, 4 Henry IV. 4 August 1403 The same, held at Chadshunt, for Itchington, Gaydon and Chadshunt: Saturday before the feast of St. Laurence, 4 Henry IV. 20 September 1403 The same, held at Tachbrook, for Chadshunt, Gaydon, Stivichall, Itchington and Tachbrook: eve of the feast of St. Mathew, 4 Henry IV.