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Stoneleigh, Westwood


Grant by John de la Sale (Abbot of Stoneleigh) to Roger de la More of the waste between le Mulnehulle and the road to Cannelee, reaching to Flaggemore. and a plot of new land by that of Dom: William de Merschtone vicar of Stonle, and the highroad to Berkeswelle, and anotherplot reaching from le Leynescherde to le Lake, which John Frankelyn held. held T. Dom : William vicar of the church of Stoneleye, John Daubeny, Thomas Boydun, Alex: de Cruylefelde, Robert de Wilinhale, John Gopil, Thomas Raven, Nicholas his brother, Thomas le Jevene, Henry le Bretun and others. Dated at Stonelee, Friday after St Augustine 23 Edward I(2 Sept: 1295) Seal circular, red. A lion ? dormant, IESV SEL DE AM VRL.