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Legal cases: Archer of Tanworth


Petition/letter of Maud Archer, widow to the Earl of Warwick Katherine Dormer, widow, has issued a commission from the Court of Augmentations re lands which Maud's late husband gave her by deed 'wherof I have good wytnes' and which the King was pleased, after her late husband's attainder to confirm to her, ordering the sheriff to put her in possession. Claims that the witnesses summoned for Dormer are not impartial: Master William Sheldon's father hath purchased £4pa of the same land and is bound to warrant Grene of offered £5pa. States her husband could not have sold because was entailed; John Fulwood claims a lease of certain of the land; Henry Hunt also claims; John Dunstall has bought by 4 nobles of the same land. Maud alleges that Lady Dormer is trying to defraud her son of his inheritance by claiming most of the land under the marriage settlement of Maud's daughter, but Lady Dormer's husband released that bargain made another in favour of her son. Knew nothing of the commission until the night before the sitting at 'candell lyghtynge'. She sent her counsel to fetch her witness who lives 80 miles away, but the King's lawyer could stay only one night as going to another sessions. Asks Warwick for his help to see she does not suffer by lack of time to produce proofs.