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Legal cases - Gregory family


Attested copy of the depositions taken at Coventry in reply to the interrogatories at DR10/1651. a) William Fynnys of Coventrye, gent., aged 67 deposed that John Tallantes did bequeath the said tenement to the poor of Bablacke; that the governance of Bablacke had always been in the hands of the mayor and aldermen of Coventrye and that John Tallance was himself an alderman; that John Wade and Thomas Gregorye purchased the tenement from Edward VI at the beginning of his reign; that a partition was made between John Wade and Thomas Gregorye of the lands so purchased and he believes that the said tenement was allotted to John Wade, who continued to enjoy the profits of the same until this deponent and Henry Waver, alias Over, sold the same to John Tallance [no. DR10/1059]; that John Wade mortgaged the said tenement amongst other things to a merchant of London, who later conveyed it to the deponent and Henry Over; that they had conveyed the same to John Tallance. b) Henry Kervin, alderman of Coventrye, aged 60, deposed that the said bequest was made; that the governance of Bablacke at the time of the bequest belonged to the said mayor and aldermen; that Francis Tallance had enjoyed the profits of the said tenement, i.e. 4 marks per annum, for about seven years. c) Thomas Banester of Coventrye, gent., aged 50, deposed that the bequest was made and that he had heard Francis Tallance admit this; that Francis Tallance, being his father's executor, had withheld the said bequest for about seven years and had enjoyed the profits himself (4 marks per annum). d) Henry Sewell, an alderman of Coventrye, aged 50, deposed that the bequest was made and that Francis Tallance, whilst ill, had confessed to the deponent that he was willing to speak with the mayor and aldermen about it, and he answered to the third question as Thomas Banester had done. Dated: 2 October, 36 Elizabeth.