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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of the report of Sir Robert Rich in the case between Simon Chambers, plaintiff, and John Gregory, Margaret his wife and Edward Waste, defendants;, in accordance with the order of 17 June [no. DR10/1695]; that the order of 4 May, 6 Charles I [no. DR10/1677] applies only to lands in Simon Chamber's possession; that John Gregorie admits having received the order of 11 February 1629/30 [no. DR10/1674] but that he was in possession of the lands upon which the contempt was alleged to have been committed; that a witness examined on behalf of the plaintiff, Simon Chamber, alleged that in July 1629, the plaintiff cut and carried off the grass on the said lands and made a contract with one Godfrey, for 30 shillings, to leave the aftermath and feeding to him; but he did not depose that the said Godfrey ever enjoyed possession of the said feeding or that the plaintiff received the 30 shillings; that therefore he regards the said contempt as unproved.