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Hurst, Canley and Stivichall


Bargain and sale by Thomas Hill of Hurst, Warwickshire, gent., to Richard Franklin of Dallyes Hill, Middlesex, esquire, for £1700, of lands and premises known as Hurst Wood, lying beside Lapworth Brook and Westwood heath as far as Hurst Lane and then along the lane to land called Knolles and alonf Knolles hedge as far as Redes meadow, shooting up Whitefield grove to a meadow of the Crown and from there back to Lapworth Brook. Which premises were purchased by Richard Hill, greatgrandfather of the vendor (DR18/10/102/1: ) and descended successively to Thomas, Cuthbert and now Thomas. Also closes known as Great, Middle and Little Cannockes, with Cannockes Grove, purchased by Thomas Hill (DR18/10/102/3 ) and descending to vendor as before. Little Cannockes sold to William Dixon and by him to Thomas Edge. Also messuage, garden, with yardland appurtennat and cottage with croft appurtenant, in Stivichall purchased by Thomas Hill the grandfather, of Richard Keble of Stamford, Northants., by deed dated 20 March 1554, together with six selions of land in the fields of Stivichall, purchased by said Thomas Hill the grandfather of Anthony Norres, of Much Lynford, Bucks, tailor by deed dated 30 Sept 1561; Dowlsford Closes and Meadow sold by Richard Crosby to Thomas Edge and purchased of Edge by Baldwin Hill and left by him to Thomas Hill the vendor, his cousin and heir. Seal on tag Signed Thomas Hill Witnesses: William Pennyman, Wm Kyndesley, Thomas Marshe, Henry Hurley, -- Robinson Endorsed with enrollment in Chancery, 25 May