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Official papers - Coventry


Draft [by Thomas Gregory] of an inquisition held at Coventr' on 1 October, 36 Henry VIII in the presence of Thomas Endsby and William Joynor, sheriff of the county of Coventr' concerning lands of which George Kebill' of London, gent., was seised on the day of the recognizance specified in the writ [missing], i.e. on 5 August, 35 Henry VIII, property in Jorden Well street, Milne Lane, Micheparke street, Gosford Street, Beylie Lane, Spon Street and Croschepyng in Coventr' and a messuage and virgate of land in Stichall are mentioned. Endorsed by Arthur Gregory to the effect that the property had been purchased by Hill.

Related material

See Gregory Cartulary f. 171; also f. 171v for conveyance to Hill.