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Autograph Collection: Davis collection


Volume (formerly A2) of 147 folios (its binding stamped 'Esther Davis') with some 600 autograph letters, cut-out signatures, printed ephemera bearing autograph signatures, and other signed miscellanea pasted therein. Some obituaries (mainly of those dying in the 1880s and 1890s) have also been included at appropriate points as have relevant photographs or engravings, 'In Memoriam' cards and other printed matter (theatre programmes etc.). For index of signatures, see DR1136/1/4. Among important unique items not easily identifiable in the index are: ff.5,6,8v,9,12, 31: signatures accompanied by short musical stores (includes Henry Bishop, 1833) f.42v: part of a list of ship's provisions, approved by [Admiral Thomas] Cochrane [Lord Dundonald], n.d ff.53v, 63v: drawings by Lady Anna Alma Tadema, n.d., 1881 f.75v: poem by Lawrence Alma Tadema, 1881 f.108: sketch by John O'Connor, n.d. f.124: salary receipts signed by actors at the Drury Lane Theatre, 1814