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Livery by Thomas Godwyn, senior, of Tiddington in Alveston, blacksmith, and Thomas Godwyn, junior, his son, of Tiddington, husbandman, to Simon Godwyn, of Stratford upon Avon, farrier, also son of Thomas Godwyn, senior, of a messuage shop and garden in Stratford, in Bridge Street [cf. no. 38] sold to him by his said father on 1 August [1615] lying between a tenement of John Kinge, gent., late in the tenure of John Nashe, gent., on the east, and a tenement of John Lane, gent., late in the tenure of John Sutton, deceased, on the west, and extending from Bridge street on the north to land of the dissolved Guild of Stratford late in the tenure of Gilbert Charnock, deceased on the south. Signed by a mark, with seals. Witnesses: William Courte, junior, the writer, Richard Whytting, John Peale, Richard Sandles, Richard Hewes, Richard Walford, John Whiting, Thomas Godwin. Endorsed: `Old Red Lion Inn'.