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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


`Things left in Mr. Talbots House at Stratford', i.e. in New Place, 26 September 1753, when (according to an endorsement by R.B.Wheler) `the Revd. Francis Gastrell purchased it of Henry Talbot, esq., son-in-law, etc. etc. of Sir Hugh Clopton'. Among the items is: `In the Hall, Shakespeares Head', and the Inventory is signed by Thomas Vigers and William Shakespeare [of Knowl Hall, near Solihull, co. Warw.] Given to R.B. Wheler by John Payton, alderman of Stratford, 1 April 1815. Folio 29. On the back i
s an impression, made by R.B.Wheler, 1 April 1815, of a seal of arms of William Shakespeare, of Knowl Hall, whose widow Ann married John Payton, father, by a former wife, of Alderman Payton.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to fragility and availability of surrogates, this item is closed. Please refer to microfilm copy.