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Correspondence: Wheler Papers


At the end are the following papers: a) List of the Masters and procurators of the Guild at Stratford, 9 Henry IV - 19 Henry VII, 1408-1503, (f.39) b) Copy of the inscription and device on church-plate given to Stratford Church by Joseph Woolmer, son of John Woolmer, 1716, (f.40) c) Extracts by R.B. Wheler from the Sporting Calendar, 1769, relative to horse-races at Stratford for the Jubilee Cup, etc. (f. 41) d) Portion of a printed Assessment of the inhabitants of Stratford to a Church-rate; early 19th century (f.42) e) Printed Advertisement of R.B. Wheler's History of Stratford upon Avon, 1806 (f. 44) f) Printed Prospectus of Thomas Fisher's Paintings in Fresco... at Stratford upon Avon; London, 11 April 1807 (f. 45) g) Programme of fireworks at Vauxhall Gardens by --- Neale, 15 August 1815; with note by R.B. Wheler that this Mr. Neale came to him `to solicit the management of Fireworks for the 23 April 1816' (f. 47) h) Printed Prospectus of `an engraved view of the interior of the Chancel of Stratford Church' as altered from the designs of Hervey Eginton, Esq., Architect', No Date (f. 49) i) Extracts by R.B. Wheler from the Evening Mail 15-17 May 1843, on a visit of Adelaide, Queen Dowager, to Stratford and Ragley (f. 50) j) Printed list of subscribers to the rebuilding of Bishopton Chapel near Stratford, with further appeal for the funds; August 1844 (f. 51) k) Engraved prospectus of The Legend of Shakespeare's Crab Tree by Charles Frederick Green; No Date (f. 53)