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Stoneleigh Estate, Miscellaneous personal volumes


Volume of autograph letters, and other material: F.1. letter from Sir Charles Phipps, on behalf of Queen Victoria, to Chandos Lord Leigh, 21 December 1861 concerning the death of the Prince Consort F.2 letter from William Leighton Leitch concerning drawings made during Queen Victoria's visit to Stoneleigh, .. 1858 F.3. letter from Lady Eva Dugdale, on behalf of Princess Mary concerning the death of her mother, the Duchess of Teck, 3 November 1897, addressed to Caroline Lady Leigh. F.4 copy letter from Queen Victoria to Mary Frances Lady Macclesfield on the death of her mother, Elizabeth Mary Lady Westminster, 13 November 1891 F.5 letter from George Duke of Cambridge to William Lord Leigh, 19 March 1880. F.6 letter from Margaret Elizabeth Countess of Jersey to Caroline Lady Leigh concerning Edward VII's coronation, 9 August 1902. - Verses written by Rachel Hanbury, mother of Sir Thomas Hanbury, in 1897 and 1898, at the respective ages of 104 and 105. F.7 printed bulletin from the Leamington Courier office, 10.45 a.m. ... December 1871 F.8 letter from Sir Henry Ponsonby to Caroline Lady Leigh on genealogical matters, 12 September 1894 F.9 another, concerning the old house at Canons, 16 June 1894. F.10 letter from Hugh Duke of Westminster to his sister, Caroline Lady Leigh, announcing the engagement of his daughter to Prince Adolphus, later Duke of Teck, .. 1894. F.11 letter from Lady Eva Dugdale to Miss Agnes Eleanor Leigh concerning a doll, 15 July 1919 F.12 letter from George Earl of Albermarle to William Lord Leigh, written on the seventy-first anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, in which he took part, 18 June 1886. F.13 printed invitation from the same to the Leigh family for an `At Home' 18 June 1887 F.14 Letter from Augusta Noel, on behalf of her father, the Earl of Albemarle, to Caroline Lady Leigh, about plants, 19 June ... c.1888. F.15 Letter from Sultan Jahar, of Bhopal, to Miss Agnes Leigh about a forthcoming visit, 4 January 1912. F.16 Another, 14 January 1911. F.17 two notes from Wali Mohamed, private secretary to the Begum of Bhopal, to Miss Agnes Leigh, November 1925. F.18 letter from Edward Ashe Twistleton to his brother Frederick Benjamin Twistleton (later Lord Saye Sele) on the birth of William Henry Leigh, 17 January 1824. F.19 letter from Mrs. Julia Leigh to her nephew, Frederick Twistleton, aged 14, 11 January 1813. F.20 letter from James Henry Leigh to the same, 7 December 1813. F.21 letter from Mrs. Julia Leigh to the same, 18 January [c.1816]. F.22 letter from James Henry Leigh to the same, 15 January 1821. F.23. letter from Anne Elizabeth Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos to the same, on the death of his father, Thomas James Twistleton, c.1824. F.24 letter from Chandos Lord Leigh to the same, 29 May 1825. F.25 letter from Mrs. Julia Leigh to the same, undated. F.26 letter from Chandos Leigh to the same, 8 July 1823. F.27 letter from Mrs. Julia Judith Leigh to her son, Chandos Leigh, concerning dispatch of pictures, undated. F.28 verses written by Caroline Amerlia Grosvenor (later Lady Leigh) at the age of eight, 1836. F.29 similar verses F.30 birthday card from Richard Grosvenor (later Lord Stalbridge) to his sister, Caroline Grosvenor, 13 June 1844. F.31 letter from .... to her sister Caroline Grosvenor, 31 December ... [c.1840]. F.32 letter from [?Hugh] Grosvenor to his sister, Caroline Grosvenor, c. 1843. F.33 letter from Eleanor Lady Prudhoe, to her sister, Caroline Grosvenor, c.1842. F.34 verses written by Mary Bryan of Ashow on the marriage of William Henry Leigh and Lady Caroline Grosvenor [22 August 1848]. F.35 letter from Anne Countess of Warwick to Caroline Lady Leigh, concerning a fire at Warwick Castle [1871]. F.36 letter from Elizabeth Marchioness of Westminster to her daughter Caroline Lady Leigh, 20 November 1884. F.37 letter from Lady Agnes Frank to her sister Caroline Lady Leigh concerning the revolution in Brazil, .. 1889. F.38 letter from Robert Lord Houghton to Caroline Lady Leigh, c.1885. F.39 letter from Norman Lockyer (astronomer) to William Lord Leigh, enclosing a copy of his book for the Reading Room at Stoneleigh, 27 April 1869. F.40 letter from John Bright to William Lord Leigh, 28 May 1880. F.41 another, 2 June 1881. F.42 letter from Mrs. Frances Kemble (Butler) to James Wentworth Leigh, written during the period of his engagement to her daughter, Frances Butler (i.e. shortly before June 1871). F.43 letter from Robert Browning to Caroline Lady Leigh, 15 January 1875 F.44 letter from Robert Browning to Caroline Lady Leigh, 18 November 1875 F.45 letter from Robert Browning to Caroline Lady Leigh, 7 January 1876 F.46 letter from Robert Browning to Caroline Lady Leigh, 5 May 1879 F.47 letter from Robert Browning to Caroline Lady Leigh, 9 June 1879 F.48 letter from Rhoda Broughton, novelist, to Caroline Lady Leigh, n.d. (c. 1880). F.49a. letter from Mary Maxwell (i.e. Mary Elizabeth Braddon, novelist) to William Lord Leigh, n.d. (c. 1880). - Fragment of a letter from Mrs. Frances Kemble (see f.42) to William Lord Leigh, n.d. F.49b. letter from Garnet Joseph Viscount Wolseley to William Lord Leigh, 6 April 1882. F.50 letter from Joseph Chamberlain to William Lord Leigh, 21 July 1882. F.51 letter from Frederick Temple, bishop of London, 23 January 1886. F.52 letter from Andrew Lang, man of letters, to Caroline Lady Leigh, n.d. F.53 letter from John Ruskin to Caroline Lady Leigh, 20 March 1886. F.54 letter from Thomas Brook, sculptor, to Caroline Lady Leigh, 22 July 1901. F.55 letter from Marie Corelli to `Miss Leigh', 22 June 1916. F.56 another, undated, fragment only. F.57 letter from Frederick Earl Roberts to `Miss Leigh', 8 February 1911. F.58 another, to Francis Dudley Lord Leigh, 9 January 1911. F.59 letter from General Sir George Higginson to `Miss Leigh', 25 September 1915. F.60 letter from Sir Samuel John Gurney Hoare to Francis Dudley Lord Leigh, 23 February 1927.