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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy will of Richard George, late of London, merchant, now of Willersey, co. Glos., gent. To sons in law, Samuel Rootsey, Colchester, Essex, oil merchant, and Francis Grove, Hidcote, Glos., gent. All messuages and lands in Willersey and Broadway IN TRUST for use of testator's only son William George for life with remainder to successor sons of his body in seniority. In default of male issue then to daughters of William George as tenants in common. Failing that, to testator's daughters Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Rootsey and Mary wife of Francis Grove. Further trust to raise £2000 and pay £1000 to Elizabeth and £1000 to Mary. According to custom of City of London, half personal estate divisible among children but Elizabeth and Samuel had four warehouses in Billingsgate, value £400 settled at marriage while William and Mary as yet unadvanced. Therefore leaves this half to all children if Mary puts £400 into common. Other half of personal estate as follows: £1.1.0 to father-in-law Joseph Richards, City of London, apothecary, to buy ring. £1.1.0 to Margaret Smith, wife of Thomas of Cambridge, for ring. £1.1.0 to Mr. James Stout to buy ring. £1.1.0 to Rev. Mr. John Scott, Willersey, for ing. £5 to Rev. Mr. Job Barrett of Camden. Residue equally among children. Executors: Samuel Rootsey and Francis Groves. Witnesses: Mary Coombe, Thomas Aswin, Lionel Lampitt. Proved at London 5 May 1757