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Churchwardens' presentments: Stratford-upon-Avon


Stratford, 1619. `We have the booke of constitucions and theire is a Parchment Register and [it] is kept according to the sayd Constitucions. Also a transcript hath accordingli beene exhibited - Item we have a byble of the last translacion, the booke of Common Prayer, the booke of homilyes, 2 salters, and a font of stone, a table and frame, a stuff carpet, a linen cloth, also the ten Comandementes as are set up in thest [sc. the east] end of the church. Also the Mynister hath a convenyent seate and pulpitt with a cushen and also a surplus [sc. surplice] and there is 2 silver cups with covers and 2 chests for the bookes and other goodes. We have 5 belles and to our knowledg theire were never any more.' George Badger, and Alice his wife and Katherine her daughter presented as recusants, William Bromley for begetting a bastard, and John Lane, gent. and Thomas Haman, tailor, as drunkards (f.15)