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Church affairs: Wheler Papers


Presentments of the Churchwardens of Stratford-upon-Avon and Old Stratford at Courts of Walwyn Meese, Vicar and Judge of the Peculiar. i) 4 September 1710, signed by John Huckell, John Lacy, William Burman, Robert Hathaway (f.7) ii) 23 March 1710/11, signed by John Capp, Daniel Hurdis, John Bartlett, Thomas Bickerton, and Thomas Harbridge, Chapel-warden of Bishopton (f.9) iii) 24 July 1713, signed by John Barber, William Maris, and William Gibbs, chapel-warden (ff. 11, 12) iv) 24 March 1720/1, signed by Richard Burman, Shaxpeer Hart, Joseph Freeman, Clement Pane, and William Gibbs, chapel-warden (f. 26) v) 16 March 1721/2, signed by Joseph Freeman, Clement Pane, and Simon Ball, chapel-warden (f. 28) vi) 18 May 1724, signed by Edward Ainge, Stephen Burman and William Horn, chapel-warden (f. 41) vii) 31 May 1727, signed by R. Newcomb, Robert Mills, Avery Edwards, Robert Wright and George Gibbs, chapel-warden (ff. 42, 43) When, as in 1727, presentments are made against particular persons, the offences charged are fornication and antenuptial fornication.