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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Petition from the Bailiff and Burgesses of `the anciente (but now much decayed) Boroughe of Stratford uppon Avon' to James I, praying that, whereas Edward VI granted them a charter in consideration of their charges in maintaining a `free grammer scoole' at £20 yearly at least, and 24 `poore Almes people' and their houses, and in paying £32 yearly to their Vicar and an assistant, in repairing `a verie faire Chappell and Bells', the school-house, vicarage, etc. and `a greate stone Bridge' of 400 yards and more - he will confirm and perfect the same by granting them power (1) to choose George Carew, Baron [Carew[ of Clopton, as their High Steward, with a Recorder, Town Clerk and two Chamberlains, and to keep their weekly Court of Record; (2) to impose fines and forfeitures; (3) to hold Quarter Sessions, (4) to take reasonable pontage for the great stone Bridge; (5) to extend their liberty to the Church and Churchyard in order to punish `divers outragiouse disorders continually committed by Rogues and other lewde disposed persons in their parish Church porch', etc. (6) to have as many fairs `as other their neighbortownes' with `Courtes of Pypowder and Towle of Beastes', etc. and (7) to have `explaned and confirmed in more certaine and particuler manner' all authorities, privileges, lands, etc. they have enjoyed or should enjoy `by generall wordes'. Copy only: endorsed `a copie of Sir Roger Wilbrahams Warrantt' conveying the King's pleasure that the Attorney General `shall cause a booke or Charter to be made contayninge his Maties graunte and confirmation to the Petitioners of all theire former grauntes and privileges, with such further additions and explanation as he shall thinke conveniente, and with such number of ffaires as other like Townes have'. Folio 72. [c.1610]