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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Collections by Robert Bell Wheler, being chiefly extracts and notes in his own hand, the dates, where given, ranging between 1805 and 1841. They include, among other matters:

a) Notes (imperfect) of pictures at Clopton House, (f. 75).
b) Accounts of Welcombe and Ingeon (ff. 75b,76b).
c) `Inscriptions upon the Bells in Stratford Church' (f. 77)
d) On the Stratford Charnel House (f. 77)
e) `Bond given for due collecting of money after the Fire', 5 April 1615. (f. 78)
f) `Petition [from the Corporation of Stratford] to Arthur Mannering, Esq., respecting an Inclosure of Welcomb Hills, A.D. 1614'. See ER1/1/66 (f. 79b)
g) Answer from the same to the Sheriff of County Warwick, 26 June 1616. (f. 79b)
h) Rev. Francis Gastrell to William Hunt, attorney, of Stratford, on business matters, as to his lease to Hunt of Shakespeare's garden, etc. 29 December 1768 (f. 80).
i) John Ludford to D. Bradley, Town Clerk of Stratford, 2 August 1760. See vol. 2, no. 22 (f.80).
k) `Decree regarding a seat in Stratford Church belonging to Dr. Hall and his son-in-law Mr. Thomas Nashe, 5 June 1635'. See vol. 1, no. 96. (ff. 81, 82).
l) `Bond for recasting the Chapel Great Bell, 30 July 1591' (f. 81b)
m) R.B. Wheler to C. Taylor, sending an inscription on the monument of Nathaniel Mason written by Somerville the poet; 30 March 1808. (f. 83)
n) The same to The Gentleman's Magazine in ridicule of the fables of ciceroni at Stratford, (f. 84)
o) On the dress of the Brethren of the Guild at Stratford (f.87)
p) On the earliest occurrence of the name Shakespeare; with notes from registers, etc., relating to W. Shakespeare and his family (ff. 89-99)
q) Note on Stratford fires, temp. James I (f. 100); Monumental inscriptions, and other church notes, inscriptions on the church plate, 1716, and on the great bell of the Guild Chapel, 1633, etc. (ff. 102-113)
r) Stratford Tokens (f. 114)
s) Rough notes relating to Sir N. Throckmorton, Sir George Carew, etc. (ff. 115-123)
t) On the wood of Shakespeare's Mulberry Tree (f. 124)

Prospectus of R.B. Wheler's History of Stratford-upon-Avon, the latter dated 18 August 1806.(Printed, ff. 125, 126). Also of another edition, 1809. (ff. 141, 142)

Description of `A Box [made from Shakespeare's Mulberry Tree] presented to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales' by the Corporation of Stratford, 1 September 1806; followed by an account, dated Ragley, 2 September, of the Prince's visit to Stratford and a further description of the box, for which £31.10 was paid to R.B. Wheler by the Corporation on 24 December 1806. (ff. 127-135)